25. März 2017

Open letter to the Democratic Alliance

To the Head Office of the Democratic Alliance (DA), Cape Town

Dear Sir and Madam,

As a foreigner interested in South Africa's well being I am tacken aback by the witch hunt that is currently under way in your party against the Premier of the Western Cape, Helen Zille. What Ms. Zille tweeted about some aspects of the time of colonialism does not seem to me punishable. That it is oviously no longer possible to call a spade a spade shoes the sorry state of society and politics even reflected in a party like the DA which claims to be the protector of democracy and non-racialism. The action of Mr. Maimane and other party leaders against one of the few capable and integer polticians your country is having is completely out of proportion and shows a lack of judgement and of a steady hand so badly needed. 

Having been living in South Africa for a couple of years and coming back regularly I have written two books about South Africa for the public in my home country and following the growth of the DA with sympathy and some minor contributions to your programme DAWN. Rest assured that I shall not go on to support and promote your cause any more should that tempest in a teapot go on.

Yours sincelery,
Edith Werner

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