25. Februar 2012

Open letter to Mr. Richard Wan, Temasek Emeritus

Dear Mr. Wan,

I´d like to encourge you to carry on with your webmagazine, which is one of the few critical voices in Singapore. Let last week´s farce enacted by the political establishment not deter you. In another country you might obtain an award for civil courage. Not so in Singapore which shows how far this country is away from a mature democracy.

Today´s The Straits Times informs us proudly about the 12 new shopping malls on Orchard Road. Let there be 20 more malls and everybody will happily trade in his civil rights for more shopping opportunities. Or is it not so? What is the establishment afraid of?

They don´t seem to bother that Singapore holds a shameful 135th rank in the World Press Freedom index behind rogue states like Zimbabwe and far from neighbouring Malaysia and rival city Hongkong.

For everybody who likes this neat little island the events around your webmagazine are a sad experience.

Edith Werner

To everybody interested in Singapore:
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